Secret User Pro 2.4: Create a hidden Windows user account and use your PC without leaving any history

Secret User Pro 2.4

user accounts. With Secret User Pro, you`ll never need to delete internet history, recent file lists or personal files. The files within a Secret User Pro account are automatically protected from other users and will not show up in file searches made by other users. Secret User Pro accounts are properly hidden. They do not show on the welcome screen or in the "documents and settings" or "users" folders on your hard drive. Secret User Pro accounts

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GALHider 1.0: Hide users in Exchange Global Address List via Active Directory tool

GALHider 1.0

user account and click the Exchange Advanced tab to hide the user. However, this is a tedious process. It is an impossible process if you have over 10, 100, or 1000 users to modify. GALHider works by searching for a list of users or contacts in Active Directory, based on a search term or member group that you provide. It then sets the msExchHideFromAddressLists flag to hide the list of users from the Exchange Global Address List. This is effective

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Local User Management 9.09.01: Manage user accounts more efficiently with Chily user management tool

Local User Management 9.09.01

user accounts remotely. This local user management tool enables the administrator to change the status of any user account. The admin can remotely enable or disable any user account just through few mouse clicks. Software displays user account information for the selected computer from where the admin can change the status for available user accounts. Password for any selected user account can also be changed very easily with this local user management

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Free Lepide User Management 10.12.01: Use user management tool and manage user accounts within the Domain.

Free Lepide User Management 10.12.01

user management software is very useful in conditions when you require taking complete control of the local user accounts. This local user management tool enables you to change the status of any user account in just a matter of few minutes. Now, there is no need to manage user accounts manually. This is one such utility that you can use remotely to enable, disable the accounts or even reset the password of the user account. Consequently, for IT administrator

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ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager 2.03: Complette COM interface to Windows NT/2000/XP local or domain account database

ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager 2.03

user accounts, groups, servers and domains in ASP, WSH, IE, VBA, VBS/JS and T-SQL. You can change any of the user or group properties. Features User account and group manipulation Add and remove users and groups Add and remove user from a group Enumaration Domain servers enameration Local and global group enameration User enameration Group members and user groups enumeration User account properties Name, Password and Account policy Fullname, Comment

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Active Directory Janitor 2.2: Active Directory management and administration tool for cleanup of accounts

Active Directory Janitor 2.2

user accounts that do not correspond to real physical computers or users anymore. With Active Directory Janitor you can search the entire network to easily identify these computer accounts. You can then decide, from a number of criteria, which ones that are outdated and finally move, delete or disable them. The result is a nice, clean and accurate Active Directory once again. Features: Easy to use standard Windows graphical interface. Choose among

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SharePoint Site User Directory The SharePoint Site User Directory displays AD users and profile information.

SharePoint Site User Directory

user account or group opens AD profile information, allowing users to quickly and easily find contact info, check to see if a particular account has been active in SharePoint, and enables users to send an email notification to that account. Users can also search for user accounts or groups by account or by other metadata. IT administrators also have complete control of how accounts are displayed, including options to add, remove, or rename AD account

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AD Unlocker Pro Search current Active Directory for any locked out accounts. Unlock in 1 click !

AD Unlocker Pro

accounts and display the related usernames. Unlocking these locked out accounts is only one click away ! Every functionnality is available in a user-friendly graphical interface, so you don`t have to use command line. You will not anymore have to remotely connect to your Active Directory server just to unlock an user account ! Moreover, if you have administrative rights on your Active Directory, no configuration at all is needed ! AD Unlocker Pro

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Tweak UAC 1.0: Gives Windows Vista Home users more User Account Control options

Tweak UAC 1.0

This program allows Windows Vista Home users access to User Account Control settings that are normally only available through the Group Policy editor.

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SQL Password Recovery 1.0: Know how to reset SQL Password by using SQL Password Recovery Software

SQL Password Recovery 1.0

Software tactfully reset SQL password and allows user to login account without the restriction of password protection. It can instantly unlock SQL Server password and also resets your SQL password to unknown so that you will get the authority to access SQL user account. SQL Password Recovery Tool can easily perform SQL password reset procedure and easily resets the SQL password which was previously set in the user account of SQL Server.

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